Should You Move Plants Before Installing a New Colorbond Fence?

If you've had your current fence for a few years, then you may have a few plants and shrubs growing close to and around it. You may worry what will happen when your current fence comes down and your new Colorbond fencing goes up. Your fence installers need to stand close to the fence to get it out and put the new one in. They may need to dig around your plants. [Read More]

4 Reasons Homeowners Should Choose Swing Automatic Gates Over Sliding

Adding an automatic gate to your property can improve security, enhance convenience and provide a nicer welcome home when you pull up to the drive. Of course, there are several decisions you'll need to make before deciding on your perfect automatic gate; in the majority of cases, people struggle most to decide between swinging and sliding mechanisms. There's no one right answer since both types of automatic gate come with their own pros and cons. [Read More]

Automated Gates – Your FAQs Answered

Although automatic gates were predominantly associated with commercial properties, they have steadily penetrated the residential market too. This steady rise in popularity can be attributed to the fact that automated gates are now more affordable, making them a functional luxury for Australian households. So, if you are intent on increasing the value of your property while simultaneously enhancing the kerb appeal of your residence, then automated gates will be an excellent investment. [Read More]

Two Costly Mistakes DIY Homeowners Should Avoid When Installing a Chain Link Fence

The use of chain link fencing is widespread on residential and commercial properties in many parts of Australia. This type of fencing can offer homeowners and businesses a lot of essential perks, including easy installation, superior wind resistance, long lifespan, unobstructed view, maximum fire-resistance, top security, et cetera, et cetera.  Like with any other type of fence, proper installation of chain link fencing is critical to ensuring that property owners get to enjoy the aforementioned benefits and many more. [Read More]