3 Useful Safety Features in Automated Cable Gates

If you've decided to install an automatic cable gate on your car park, then you get an easy way of securing your entrance without needing anyone to man the gate. These gates simply lower their holding cables to let drivers in or out when they key in a PIN, tap a smartcard or use a remote control.

Like any automatic gate, cable gates come with safety features. These features are essential to protect both drivers and their vehicles. What should you look for?

1. Sensors

When you open a cable gate, the cable sinks to the ground and lies flat. You then drive over the cable to enter or exit the car park.

This is normally a quick and safe process. You have time to get over the cable. However, in some cases, vehicles get stuck in the gate area.

For example, if a car stalls and breaks down when it is over the cable, then it can't move through the gate. Or someone might get out of their car, leaving the back wheels on the cable without realising it.

If the cable starts to rise again, then both the vehicle and the cable could get damaged. To avoid this problem, look for gates that have beam or overload sensors. These sensors prevent the gate from working if there is an obstruction between the two barriers or on the cable itself.

2. Safety Locks

As the cable opens and closes, parts of it spool in and out of its holding side barriers. The space that takes the cable in and out is a potential hazard.

For example, if the gate isn't working quite right, then a driver could give the cable a tug to try to fix it. They could get their fingers crushed or caught in the cable opening. Curious kids and vandals could also pose a problem here.

So gates that have safety locks in the area are a good bet. These locks prevent people from getting caught in the cable operation or of putting anything in the storage space.

3. High-Vis Colours

Cable gates aren't as visually obvious as some other gates. They blend in quite well. While you may like this less intrusive look, it can be a problem if someone doesn't realise that the gate is there. They would simply drive into the cable.

Look for gates that have high-vis markings and bright colours on both the cable housing and the side barriers. Fluorescent colours that will shine brighter at night in a car's headlights are particularly useful.

For more information on cable gate safety features, talk to automatic gate suppliers.