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What Is So Unique About Colorbond Roofing?

It is usually important to take some time to evaluate a range of options before choosing your roofing material. Your decision may be influenced by things such as strength and durability, versatility and adherence to elements. Colorbond roofing is becoming popular as a roofing option among many homeowners. If you are thinking of getting this type of roof for your house, you will want to know what makes it stand out among other options. Read on to find out. Colorbond Roofing Has High Insulation Properties Colorbond roofing is manufactured with a reflective coating. In addition, it has a low mass. These features enhance the thermal efficiency of the roof. When installed properly, your colorbond roof will reflect away much of the sun’s light, which can help reduce the amount of heat in your home. The low mass of colorbond roofing will enable your roof to lose heat at a considerably faster rate. This means your roof will cool faster at night compared to other roofing options such as tiles. To enhance the insulation effect of your colorbond roof, consider using it together with an insulation blanket. Colorbond Roofing Has High Water Wicking Properties If you live in a region that receives heavy rains and snow, you will find colorbond roofing exceptionally convenient. The roofing has high water wicking properties, which means it doesn’t hold water. That is, unlike tiled roofs, water will run off colorbond roofing more quickly. Therefore, with colorbond roofing, you won’t have to worry about leakages caused by water accumulating at various places on your roof. Because of this feature, colorbond roofing is an ideal choice if your house has little or no pitch. Colorbond Roofing Is Easy to Maintain The ease of maintenance of colorbond roofing will help reduce your maintenance costs. Colours are usually bonded into the steel used to manufacture the roofing. Therefore, unlike other metal roof materials, you don’t have to be concerned about repainting your roof every few years. Colorbond Roofing Is Strong and Durable Colorbond roofing has a longer performance life than other roofing options such as tiles. To start with, the roofing is highly corrosion resistant. Besides, it has a zincalume base that helps make your roof less prone to chipping, cracking and peeling. In addition, it is fire resistant. This makes it a good option if you live in a bushy area that is prone to fires. Colorbond roofing […]

4 Ways to Protect Your Swimming Pool With Fencing

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you might be concerned that your children or pets will use it without supervision. Even if you have a strict rule about using the pool, this doesn’t necessarily stop them. One of the best ways you can protect the pool is with a pool fence. Here are some tips for using fencing to properly keep the pool from being used when you aren’t there. Choose the Right Materials To start with, you need a pool fence that is sturdy and durable. If it is too weak, a strong wind might knock it down, which leaves your pool open to be used without your permission. A better option is to go with a permanent or semi-permanent fencing material, such as steel or aluminum. The metal fences often come with gates, so it is easy to make sure the fence locks and keeps others out. Another option is to have a wood fence installed around the pool, but make sure the wood planks are sealed so that water splashes from the pool don’t cause rotting. Some pool fencing also use PVC. Make Sure It Is High Enough The fence also needs to be at the right height so you don’t get any brave kids that try to climb over the top. You might even find that for safety purposes, your local area has strict guidelines about how tall a pool fence must be. The exact height will depend on a number of things, from how old your children are and how high they can climb, to the types of dogs you have. If you are concerned about your dogs getting into the pool, definitely consider that when determining the right height. Add a Strong Latch and Lock Of course to keep the fence safe and keep children out of the swimming pool, you need to be able to lock your fence. Have a fence with a gate installed, which makes it easy to get in and out of the pool area. The gate should have very strong hinges and latches that are not easy to break into. Use a nice, strong lock and don’t keep the key anywhere that you think your kids could access it. If you have a combination lock, don’t use numbers of your house, driver’s plate, driver’s license, phone number, or others numbers that could be associated with you. […]

Fencing After A Bushfire: Two Points To Consider As You Rebuild

Victoria has a long history when it comes to bushfires, and as a new resident of this state, you should already have educated yourself about what to do when a bushfire threatens you. However, after a bushfire has passed, many parts of your property are going to need your attention. If you have pets, children or livestock, one of the priority fixes will be fencing. Fencing is needed to contain all three of these groups, but the fencing that was exposed to the bushfire will likely need to be replaced. Here’s what you need to know before you head out to examine the damage. Is The Fencing Permanently Damaged? When it comes to determining which parts of the fence are permanently damaged, there are two very important factors you need to keep in mind when examining fences that have been exposed to a bushfire. The temperature inside a bushfire is difficult to determine, but a log fire as an example burns at around 600 C. It is not recommended that galvanised steel products be used in areas with a temperature of over 200 C, which means your galvanised steel fencing wire is going to be damaged. While it may not physically look unusable, you will need to replace it before it perishes and falls apart. The wood posts that hold your fence upright may look slightly scorched above ground, but they could be badly damaged below ground, as the fire can travel down the center of each post and damage it where it cannot be seen. This means your fence posts are weakened and can be easily pushed over with a little force from your livestock or pets. If you need further advice about the long-term structure of your fences, seek the advice of an experienced fence contractor. It is better to be 100% sure rather than relying on a damaged product that could let you down. Consider Fence Restructure The other point to consider before you or your fencing contractor replace the fence line is that now is the perfect time to make fencing layout changes. Just because the fences have been arranged a certain way in the past does not mean you have to replace them exactly the same way. Bear in mind you will suffer some soil erosion in grass areas that were badly damaged by the fire, so you may want to consider smaller containment areas for […]

What You Need to Know About Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are a common sight in many commercial, residential and industrial settings due to their unique attributes that make them suitable for those varied settings. Read on and discover the advantages and the disadvantages of this type of fence. The Advantages It is low-maintenance. Chain link fencing is made from galvanised steel. This means that the steel has undergone a process that makes it resistant to corrosion. Consequently, your fence will not require a lot of maintenance in order to keep it doing its work. All you may need to do is to hose it down to remove any dirt or to remove any climbing plants that have used it as a trellis. It is safer than other fencing options. A chain link fence has steel wires that have been “woven” into interlocking diamond shapes. This makes the fence very safe for use in places like children’s parks since the fence does not have sharp edges that can injure a child who touches or leans against it. It is easy to install. Most of the fittings can be tightened into place by using a socket wrench. All you need is an additional pair of hands to help you to pull and tighten the mesh. It can be recycled. Once your fence reaches the end of its useful life, you can deliver it to a metal recycling center. You may even earn some money by selling it to scrap collectors. This is unlike some fencing options (such as vinyl fencing materials) that have to be dumped in a landfill once they age. The Disadvantages It offers limited privacy. Chain link fences allow people inside your property to view what is taking place outside the property. It also allows those outside your property to have a clear view of what is happening inside your property. For instance, passersby can easily see you relaxing in your pool. This makes the fence undesirable to people who value privacy. It offers limited security. A chain link fence can easily be climbed over by an intruder since it is generally limited in height. The only way to beat this height disadvantage is to order the more expensive industrial type of fence that is very high. However, the fence can also be cut to create an entry point for intruders in case it is too high to climb over. As you decide on the fences […]

Benefits of a Barbed Wire Fence

When you’re thinking about erecting a fence, especially if you live on a ranch, farm or in the country, your best choice may be a barbed wire fence. These types of fences are durable, affordable and protective, three reasons that they offer you outstanding value. Durable — Barbed wire fences are made by twisting steel and forming large knots. These fences are sold with a 2-point style or with a 4-point style. The word ‘point’ refers to the number of barbs on each wire of the fence. You would choose 4-point style if you want increased protection, because there are more barbs on the wire. This may be applicable if you live on a ranch or farm where predators are a constant threat to your livestock. Barbed wire fences are also made from galvanised steel, which is hot-dipped in molten zinc, which has a natural resistance to corrosion and gives the fence a longer lifespan. Steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio, and also has a high tensile strength, which measures the amount of stress a material can withstand before it breaks apart. And unlike wood, steel doesn’t expand in weather extremes, and it isn’t susceptible to termites and other destructive insects. Cost Effective — Barbed wired fencing doesn’t cost as much as installing a wood fence, because there aren’t a lot of materials you need to put up the fence. This also makes barbed wire fences a more DIY-friendly fence than vinyl or wood fencing. Barbed wire fencing features the wire and the holding posts that anchor the fence. The biggest challenge is for you to make sure that the posts are inserted deep enough into the ground to form a strong foundation. The other challenge is stretching the wire from post to post according to exact specifications to ensure that the fence is strong and doesn’t come apart on impact. Barbed wire fences are often known as high-tension wire fences, so the correct tension is key to erecting a sound fence. If you have any doubts about putting up the fence yourself, hire a contractor to do the job, which won’t take as long as putting up a traditional wood fence. High Protection Level — Barbed wire fences are ideal when you want to keep predators from accessing your property. The barbs provide a strong deterrent to animals such as wolves and wild dogs that like to prey on […]

Why You Should Fence Your Land After Finishing the Conveyancing Process

When you complete a conveyancing process and get a title for your new piece of land, the first thing you should do is fence your property. This should be your number one priority even before you think about developing the land, selling, speculating on value, or whatever other purpose you have in mind. Read on to see why. Make it easy to identify your property If you’ve have just bought land in an area that you’re not familiar with, fencing goes a long way in helping you identify your property during future visits. If you do not fence, you may get lost as you try to trace where your plot is situated. This is especially common in undeveloped areas where there are no adjacent buildings to use as landmarks. Even where the area is developed, the landscape can change drastically in a year or so if you’ve not been visiting. Though you may forget where your piece of land was, there are less chances of you forgetting the type of fence you had installed as it is bound to stand out in the area. In addition to that, a fence also lets you mark your property boundary is so that you don’t get into disputes later on. Indicate that the property has changed hands Another reason you should fence your new property is to indicate to all that the property has changed hands. For good measure, you can add a ‘sold’ sign onto the fence. This will help keep inquisitive buyers who were interested in the property from contacting you and asking about the property. Also, any neighbors who had developed a habit of using the property for any reason, such as a walking path or as extra parking, will cease to do so. They will get the clear message that the property is under new ownership and is in active use. Protect your new property. Lastly, fencing your new property will provide the much needed security for your new investment. A fence will act as a deterrent against vandals and anyone looking to trespass. This is vital as you may begin to bring in construction materials for your build. Steel fences are great if the area is known to be insecure. If you want to add privacy as well, you can install an aluminum, stone or timber fence. Use resources like to talk to an Australian fencing contractor […]

3 Essential Qualities that Make Timber Fencing an Apt Choice for Homeowners

In spite of the fact that many fencing materials have been introduced into the market these days, many homeowners still prefer to stick to timber fencing. To make you understand the reasons behind this trend, here are a few essential features attributed to timber fencing. Versatility Timber fencing is exceptionally versatile and can be used to perform a broad array of different functions. It always looks stylish and can be blended into any home design quite easily. Not only does timber fencing represent a timeless design, it can also be installed on virtually all landscaping requirements, including areas with extremely difficult terrains. Pine paling fences, for instance, can work best for traditional-style houses. For present-day homes, there are several creative ways to add an urban feel to your home with the pine paling fence, without increasing the cost by a large amount. The edges of the timber posts or poles can be planed and sanded to give it an immaculate and professional finishing touch. Aesthetics Some fencing posts such as steel or vinyl posts come in prefabricated form, which makes it difficult to change its appearance once it is delivered to you. As such, you might need to return such posts to fabrication assemblies before changing the aesthetics of your fencing, costing you more money in the process. On the contrary, the aesthetic of timber fencing can be changed by DIY staining or painting. You can easily purchase water-resistant stains and paints from hardware stores, and you’ll enjoy the privilege of choosing the colour of paint or hue of stain that you want used for the fence. Thereafter, you can proceed to stain or paint the timber posts yourself since it is quite easy to do so. Easy to Find & Install Unlike other fencing materials such as steel and vinyl, timber products are relatively cheaper because timber is a readily available natural resource that can be purchased easily from local suppliers or hardware stores. When it comes to matters of installation, you will find timber products easy to work with as compared to many other fencing materials. As a result, you won’t have to worry about looking for professionals to direct you throughout the entire installation process. If you want to make changes in the height of your fence, you can do so rather easily by cutting timber panels, posts or poles to size. You can even go ahead […]

Fixing Different Types Of Fence Damage

Fences are an excellent way of not only giving a property some privacy from neighbors, but marking the boundaries of the property you own. As they are situated outside, they are prone to damage due to harsh weather conditions, such as rain, frost, and particularly, strong winds. Although many people choose to hire a tradesman to fix any damage to their fence, it is possible to do the repairs yourself. This article looks at how to repair loose fence posts and damaged fence panels. Repairing A Loose Fence Post Many homeowners find that after high winds, their fence posts have become loose or wobbly. This can quickly lead to bigger – and more costly – problems, so it is always a good idea to deal with the issue as soon as you can. If it is possible, you should aim to remove the old cement holding the post in place, and replace it completely. If you dig around the hole, and simply pour in more cement, this can lead to problems in the short term. To remove the post, you can either attach a chain to it and remove it with a vehicle, or you can use a vertical post remover. This piece of equipment will pull the post up and out of the hole, allowing you to set a post back in the same place. In addition to this, you will find that a post remover will not create a bigger hole than is necessary; using a vehicle to pull the post out may cause you to have to fill some of the hole back in. Once the post has been removed, set the new post level and fill the hole with fresh concrete. You can use scrap wood as a brace to hold the post in place as the concrete dries. Remember to score the concrete with a spade after you have poured it into the hole; this will remove any air pockets. Repairing Damaged Fence Panels You will need to purchase replacement panels, that match the design and the size of the damaged panel. Use a pry bar to loosen the damaged panel, and be sure to remove any nails that are left. Next, set the new panel in place, making sure it is level and correctly aligned. Carefully hammer in nails to either end of the panel; you may like to get a friend to hold […]

Want to Really Enjoy Your View? Why You Should Choose a Structural Glass Balustrade

You may have chosen to build your home at a certain location mainly because of a spectacular view from the upstairs deck. You don’t want any obstructions if you’re trying to take advantage of that view on a nice summer’s evening. This is why you should choose a structural glass balustrade. Why This Type of Fence? The beauty of a structural glass balustrade is that it doesn’t need to come with any of the usual obstructions associated with a fence made from posts and railings. You don’t need to worry about it being flimsy, though, as the overall design is inherently strong, as well. The Glass Provides Strength The difference between this version and a normal glass is that the glass itself is used not just as an infill panel, but as the component that provides the actual strength of the fixture. The glass panels themselves are thick and strong so that they can resist various loads or the tendency to bend from natural forces. Laminated Glass Options If you want as little obstruction as possible when you sit down to admire your view, you may choose to have a structural glass balustrade without a top handrail. In many cases this handrail section is used in order to “tie” the individual glass panels together, in order to make the structure more solid and sturdy. However, you can select a product without a top handrail so long as you use laminated glass. This means that should a heavy or sharp object come into contact with the glass one side of it can break, but the other must still be capable of withstanding the load. In other words, the glass will not shatter, but will retain its shape. Avoiding the Green Tint Some people worry that the sturdier the glass and the thicker it is, the more difficult it may be to clearly see through it. In these cases there can often be a pronounced green “tint” evident in the glass, the thicker it gets. This is due to the iron content in the glass itself. Once again, if you really want an unobstructed view then you should specify the use of “low iron” glass panels, which have a far less pronounced tint. These low iron panels only have about 10% of the iron content of regular panels, but allow for the transmission of 91% of light, compared to 83% otherwise. However, […]

Advantages Of Metal Sheet Fencing

There are many ways to fence your home. You can opt for a stone wall, timber fence, steel posts or metal sheets. Metal sheets are more common when it comes to roofing. However, sheets designed for roofing compare just as well as any other fencing option listed above. In fact, metal sheet fencing may be better placed on your home if you are looking for any of the qualities listed below. Maximum privacy Metal sheets provide a high level of visual protection from anyone outside your premises. Unlike steel fences that have glaring gaps or picket fences that only rise about a metre high, metal sheets measure about 5-6 feet high. This means you get to enjoy maximum privacy in your home. Whether you’re out in the front yard playing or relaxing in your garden, no one will have a direct line of sight as to what you’re doing within the confines of your home. Metals can be a great option if you have security concerns or are covering a fence that is close to your housing structure. They are also great for other personal areas such as walls next to the swimming pool. Variety in design & aesthetics Of all the roofing options available, metal sheets are the easiest to customize in terms of color. This is because they offer flat, even surfaces that can be easily painted over to feature whatever theme you want for your home. When purchasing, you also get to choose between multiple color codes. If your fence is old and has deteriorated, a fresh coat of paint is all it will take to bring it back to new again. Color aside, you also get to choose other aesthetic options such as the physical design. You can go for a flat fence, ridged, wavy or one with multiple lines. High durability Last but not least, metal fencing is highly durable. Roofing metal sheets, for example, last an average 40-70 years depending on the weather and maintenance. Your fencing metal sheets are made of the same steel material and can last just as long. Besides that, metal sheets are not easily affected by moisture or pests the same way timber is. With very little maintenance, your metal sheet fencing can easily last as long as your home.  If you are looking to install a sturdy security fence, remember you can always reinforce your metal sheets with […]