Why Your Home's Perimeter Fence Needs Regular Care

Perimeter fences are an essential part of any home. Although they mainly serve as physical barrier systems to deter trespassers, such as burglars, thieves, vandals and wandering animals, from entering your property, they can serve other purposes, including increasing privacy and enhancing kerb appeal.

Regardless of what type of fence you have installed around your home, it will eventually succumb to exposure to outside elements. However, you can extend its life with regular cleaning and upkeep.

Read along to learn the importance of proper maintenance for your residential perimeter fence.

It helps keep your fence functioning properly

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your fence help to prevent structural damage, which causes the fence to lose its strength and stability. On metal fences, structural damage usually takes the form of rust and corrosion, while wood fences are susceptible to mould and rot. 

Regular cleaning and treatment of your fence can help protect it from damage caused by the elements, ensuring it remains in great shape no matter what the weather is doing. 

It helps keep your fence looking great

A clean, well-maintained perimeter fence can work wonders for your home's kerb appeal while a dirty, unkempt one may have the opposite effect – make guests and outsiders cringe looking at it. 

Taking good care of your fence can help to create a focal point for your residential exterior design.

It extends the life of your fence

Neglecting maintenance on your fence is the surest way to invite problems that could lead to premature deterioration and replacement of the structure. With routine care, you can minimise the risk of fence damage, thus prolonging its service life.

It helps you maximise return on investment

Installing a quality perimeter fence can be pretty expensive, depending on your fence type and lot size. If you want to amortise your investment, you'll need to conduct regular fence maintenance. 

Routine care helps to maximise the performance and durability of your fence, increasing your return on investment. 

Like other outdoor structures, your perimeter fence is constantly exposed to different elements, such as dust, rain, wind and sunlight. Without proper fence care, these elements can cause the fence to deteriorate quickly, increasing the need for a new fence.

The appropriate cleaning and maintenance regimen for your residential perimeter fence depends on many factors, including the type of fence you have, the climate of your home's location, and so on.

Contact a local fencing contractor for more information.