Factors to Consider When Choosing a Front Fence Style for Your Home

While it can be fun to update your home with a new front fence, it can be challenging to choose the right style. You need to think about factors such as security, privacy and aesthetics to determine what's best. Your fencing contractors can offer advice, but here are several factors to consider when selecting a fence design.

Privacy and Security

Before making a choice, you should determine how much privacy and security you want from the fence. If its purpose is to turn your front garden into a private haven that is safe from intruders, you could opt for a solid brick, stone or concrete fence. These chunky barriers are hard to scale and have the benefit of blocking noise more than slimmer fences.

On the other hand, you might want to show off the kerb view of your home, in which case you could install a charming picket fence or a decorative tubular metal style. While both of these fences can be constructed to be tall, they don't offer the privacy of solid masonry.

Style and Design

You also need to think about your home's style and pick a complementary front fence. If you have a modern house, you could opt for an aluminium slat fence with a similarly clean and minimal design.

Many fence styles can be adapted to suit varied architectures. For example, metal panel fences with corrugated infill can be put together to look modern or traditional. They can be constructed with decorative caps and latticework for a classic look or be put together with plain posts to look contemporary.

Tubular metal is another type of fence that comes in a variety of designs to suit different house styles. Choose a minimal style with straight vertical rails for a modern property or an ornate scrolled design for a period home.

Picket fences usually suit heritage rather than modern properties. But you can add a twist to make these barriers look contemporary. For example, use square rather than arched pickets and paint them charcoal or stain them to show off their natural timber.

Height and Safety

You will also need to consider the height of your front fence, regardless of whether it creates an opaque barrier. Many styles, such as picket, slat and tubular fence styles, come in various heights. If you live on a busy road, you may prefer a tall fence to protect children and pets from traffic. A partially transparent barrier provides benefits, as you can see farther from your home's windows, which is something that a pet cat, if you own one, will particularly appreciate. 

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