Benefits Of Tubular Metal Pool Fencing

Whether you're constructing a new pool area or upgrading your fence, it's essential to find a solution that adds style and function to your home. Having been around for years, tubular metal fences maintain their popularity today. Here are some advantages of this kind of fencing. 

Many Aesthetic Options

When designing your pool area, it's essential to choose a safe barrier that enhances the landscape, so you need a pool fencing style that offers plenty of options. Tubular metal fences range from simple flat-top models to ornate versions with curls and scrolls. Whether your home is modern, rustic or traditional, you will be able to complement it with the right fence. When choosing the railing colour, consider the decking, pool colouring and hues in the landscape. Tubular models are available in an assortment of shades, including greens, maroons, blacks and charcoals, making the design process smooth. As well, whether the metalwork is grand or unadorned, tubular styles bring an elegant aspect to the landscape.

Maintains Openness

These fences maintain the openness of your pool area, allowing you to view the deck to ensure everyone is safe. While not transparent like glass, they are visually fine, not featuring heavy timber railings or wide slats that block off the area. Railings also allow refreshing breezes to flutter across the pool deck, keeping it comfortable on a hot day, in contrast to a glass fence which creates a wind-block. You can also control the openness of your tubular pool fencing by your choice of design; more elaborate metalwork makes the barrier more visible. To make it less noticeable, choose a simple design and a colour that blends in with the environment. 

Durable And Hardy

Once a pool fence is in place, it's crucial that it endures the elements with good looks and functions well. It will need to withstand splashing water and pool chemicals. Aluminium is naturally impervious to rust and corrosion due to a protective oxide film that covers its surface. Powder-coating also adds another buffer with its hard polyester-paint finish. Being relatively lightweight, aluminium is generally easy to install too. 

While steel is often stronger than aluminium, some types are susceptible to rust and thus need extra processing. The chromium within stainless steel automatically protects it, but other kinds of steel might undergo a galvanising treatment, which coats the metal with a zinc film. Because zinc is anti-corrosive, it shields the steel from damage. Steel fences also often have a layer of powder coating which adds additional protection.