4 Reasons Homeowners Should Choose Swing Automatic Gates Over Sliding

Adding an automatic gate to your property can improve security, enhance convenience and provide a nicer welcome home when you pull up to the drive. Of course, there are several decisions you'll need to make before deciding on your perfect automatic gate; in the majority of cases, people struggle most to decide between swinging and sliding mechanisms.

There's no one right answer since both types of automatic gate come with their own pros and cons. That said, most homeowners will find themselves better off with a swing gate, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Lower Cost

Most homeowners will want to keep down their costs when installing an automatic gate. By choosing a swinging gate instead of a sliding gate, you can do just that. When you install a sliding gate, you need to worry about the cost of the mounting operation and the fitting of tracks and rollers. All in all, sliding gates tend to cost considerably more.

2. Easier Installation

One reason why sliding automatic gates tend to be on the pricey side is all the labour that goes into them. You'll need to have part of the driveway dug up to the lay the footing, and you might even need ground levelled off to the side to take the rail. This doesn't just drive up costs – it's also simply more inconvenient to have people working around your home for longer periods.

3. Reduced Maintenance

One of the main problems with sliding gates is that they require a clean, debris-free track to roll along. If there's any mud or dirt, it can get picked up and go into the mechanism, ultimately leading to broken equipment. If there are any larger pieces of debris on the track, the gate will simply refuse to open or possible derail itself. These aren't problems you're going to run into with a swinging gate since they are suspended slightly above the ground and don't require a track. This means there's less chance of something going wrong and lower maintenance requirements.

4. Less Noise

Sliding gates are often seen in commercial settings, and that's largely because commercial buildings don't have to worry as much about the noise created as the gate slides back and forth along its rail. In a residential setting, that noise can be a problem, especially if you arrive home late at night or drive off early in the morning. For near-silent operation, choose a swing gate.