Automated Gates – Your FAQs Answered

Although automatic gates were predominantly associated with commercial properties, they have steadily penetrated the residential market too. This steady rise in popularity can be attributed to the fact that automated gates are now more affordable, making them a functional luxury for Australian households.

So, if you are intent on increasing the value of your property while simultaneously enhancing the kerb appeal of your residence, then automated gates will be an excellent investment. Nonetheless, since automated gates are relatively new for a majority of homeowners, numerous queries are surrounding their installation. This article outlines answers for few of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to automated gates.

Is it mandatory to purchase newly automated gates?

When most homeowners think of installing automated gates, they start to budget for the cost of buying brand new ones. And while new gates will look stunning on your property, you should not discount the option of automating your pre-existing gates. Before your contractors automate your manual gates, they will need to determine the structural integrity of the materials. If the gate has succumbed to wear due to age, you may have to purchase newly automated gates. But if the manual gates are in pristine condition and the layout allows for automation, you can avoid buying new gates.

What should you expect during a power cut?

Since electricity powers automated gates, you may be concerned about their functionality in the event of a power failure. However, this fear is unfounded. Automatic gates are also outfitted with manual features. Hence, if you do not have electricity for any reason, you can always conduct a manual override. In addition to this, you could also choose to have your automated gated fitted with a backup battery, which will kick in whenever there is any disconnection from the main power supply. Thus, you never have to be anxious about your gates not operating due to power concerns.

How can you tell when there are visitors at the gate?

Your automated gates will not open just because people are waiting outside. For security reasons, it is imperative to install an intercom system at the entrance and inside your home so anybody outside the residence can identify themselves. An access control system is also judicious to have, as this will give you the flexibility to grant authorised access to specific individuals so that they can let themselves in without you exclusively having to allow access to them.