Two Costly Mistakes DIY Homeowners Should Avoid When Installing a Chain Link Fence

The use of chain link fencing is widespread on residential and commercial properties in many parts of Australia. This type of fencing can offer homeowners and businesses a lot of essential perks, including easy installation, superior wind resistance, long lifespan, unobstructed view, maximum fire-resistance, top security, et cetera, et cetera. 

Like with any other type of fence, proper installation of chain link fencing is critical to ensuring that property owners get to enjoy the aforementioned benefits and many more. Installing a chain link fence is a job that many people can handle themselves. But as with any DIY job, there are costly mistakes that should be avoided when a chain link fence is being erected. 

If you intend to install a chain link fence around your home by yourself, read on to find out what common pitfalls you will need to avoid before getting started with the installation work.

Encroaching on neighbouring properties 

This is perhaps the biggest blunder that many homeowners make. If you erect your chain link fence on the neighbouring properties, it will definitely cause boundary disputes and you will have no choice but to pull down the fence and construct it again. This only wastes time and money. Before you can dig up fence installation lines on your property, you should first establish exactly where your boundary lines lie. If possible, you can even obtain a copy of the boundary map that covers your property from the local land agencies. 

Violating zoning laws

Laws and regulations relating to fence installation in your local area may influence the type of fence you will need to install. Specifications on fence type, height, colour, and other things may be included in the zoning laws. Not complying with the fencing codes in your zone is a blunder that can prove to be very costly — you may not only be asked to bring down the fence but also be fined for breaching zoning laws. Save money and time by familiarising yourself with the zoning laws governing fence installation in your area before embarking on the job.

DIY installation of a chain link fence around your residential property may seem like a nice way to avoid installation costs, but if the fence is not properly installed, it may need to be pulled down. To avoid such a costly inconvenience, be sure to avoid making the above-discussed mistakes. If you do not think you are up to the task, there are many professionals around ready to assist you with the job.