Easy Ways to Clean and Maintain Your Cast Iron Fence

Whether your cast iron fence is an original or a recent installation, you're likely aware of the need to perform ongoing maintenance and cleaning to maintain its beauty. With the right approach, these fences can last for years to come, bringing beauty and adding value to your property. At the same time, the wrong approach may lead to costly repairs. Fortunately, cast iron fences don't require too much effort to maintain.

Clear away moss and weeds

If your fence is close to shrubbery, try to remain extra vigilant when looking for moss and weeds. In addition to looking unsightly, moss that settles in is difficult to remove, which means you may accidentally chip the paintwork when pulling it away. When gathering together, moss and weeds attract more moisture to the fence, which causes rusting and paintwork damage. 

Inspect regularly for damage

Damage doesn't just arise from nearby plants; from cars and people to bad weather and animals, there are lots of ways your fence's paintwork can come under attack. Inspecting regularly for damage gives you the chance to stop chips in their tracks. Unfortunately, even small chips can lead to large flaking after a short while, which leads to more costly repairs in the long run. If you do see a small chip, you can tend to the damage yourself, just make sure you use the right paint to ensure a continuous look.

Clean gently and remove rust

Fortunately, cast iron fences don't require specialist cleaning materials to maintain their integrity. When you do notice dirt, just use a soft sponge and warm soapy water to remove it and allow it to air dry in the sun. If you do notice rust, try sanding it away gently to avoid spread. You may want to contact a professional at this stage if you're not sure how to approach the sanding process or to inspect elements of the fence that may cause rust to settle in. Remember to address rust promptly, as extensive corrosion can cause fractures in the fence's material, which attract pricey repairs.

When you pay a little attention to your fence from time to time, it stands a stronger chance of lasting longer. When you encounter repairs you're unsure of, contact a professional. Those with the right experience can identify problems you may miss and take the right steps to remediate them, allowing you to enjoy your fence for longer.