3 Useful Safety Features in Automated Cable Gates

If you've decided to install an automatic cable gate on your car park, then you get an easy way of securing your entrance without needing anyone to man the gate. These gates simply lower their holding cables to let drivers in or out when they key in a PIN, tap a smartcard or use a remote control. Like any automatic gate, cable gates come with safety features. These features are essential to protect both drivers and their vehicles. [Read More]

Benefits Of Tubular Metal Pool Fencing

Whether you're constructing a new pool area or upgrading your fence, it's essential to find a solution that adds style and function to your home. Having been around for years, tubular metal fences maintain their popularity today. Here are some advantages of this kind of fencing.  Many Aesthetic Options When designing your pool area, it's essential to choose a safe barrier that enhances the landscape, so you need a pool fencing style that offers plenty of options. [Read More]

Should You Move Plants Before Installing a New Colorbond Fence?

If you've had your current fence for a few years, then you may have a few plants and shrubs growing close to and around it. You may worry what will happen when your current fence comes down and your new Colorbond fencing goes up. Your fence installers need to stand close to the fence to get it out and put the new one in. They may need to dig around your plants. [Read More]