Benefits of a Barbed Wire Fence

When you're thinking about erecting a fence, especially if you live on a ranch, farm or in the country, your best choice may be a barbed wire fence. These types of fences are durable, affordable and protective, three reasons that they offer you outstanding value.

Durable -- Barbed wire fences are made by twisting steel and forming large knots. These fences are sold with a 2-point style or with a 4-point style. The word 'point' refers to the number of barbs on each wire of the fence. You would choose 4-point style if you want increased protection, because there are more barbs on the wire. This may be applicable if you live on a ranch or farm where predators are a constant threat to your livestock. Barbed wire fences are also made from galvanised steel, which is hot-dipped in molten zinc, which has a natural resistance to corrosion and gives the fence a longer lifespan. Steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio, and also has a high tensile strength, which measures the amount of stress a material can withstand before it breaks apart. And unlike wood, steel doesn't expand in weather extremes, and it isn't susceptible to termites and other destructive insects.

Cost Effective -- Barbed wired fencing doesn't cost as much as installing a wood fence, because there aren't a lot of materials you need to put up the fence. This also makes barbed wire fences a more DIY-friendly fence than vinyl or wood fencing. Barbed wire fencing features the wire and the holding posts that anchor the fence. The biggest challenge is for you to make sure that the posts are inserted deep enough into the ground to form a strong foundation. The other challenge is stretching the wire from post to post according to exact specifications to ensure that the fence is strong and doesn't come apart on impact. Barbed wire fences are often known as high-tension wire fences, so the correct tension is key to erecting a sound fence. If you have any doubts about putting up the fence yourself, hire a contractor to do the job, which won't take as long as putting up a traditional wood fence.

High Protection Level -- Barbed wire fences are ideal when you want to keep predators from accessing your property. The barbs provide a strong deterrent to animals such as wolves and wild dogs that like to prey on livestock. And because barbed wire fences are open and visible, you can see threats approaching from a long distance, which allows you to take evasive action. And even when animals manage to penetrate a barbed wire fence, the resulting injuries usually slow them down long enough for livestock to retreat to safety. This same deterrence applies to human invaders, making it difficult for thieves and burglars to access your property without harm.

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