Why You Should Fence Your Land After Finishing the Conveyancing Process

When you complete a conveyancing process and get a title for your new piece of land, the first thing you should do is fence your property. This should be your number one priority even before you think about developing the land, selling, speculating on value, or whatever other purpose you have in mind. Read on to see why.

Make it easy to identify your property

If you've have just bought land in an area that you're not familiar with, fencing goes a long way in helping you identify your property during future visits. If you do not fence, you may get lost as you try to trace where your plot is situated. This is especially common in undeveloped areas where there are no adjacent buildings to use as landmarks.

Even where the area is developed, the landscape can change drastically in a year or so if you've not been visiting. Though you may forget where your piece of land was, there are less chances of you forgetting the type of fence you had installed as it is bound to stand out in the area. In addition to that, a fence also lets you mark your property boundary is so that you don't get into disputes later on.

Indicate that the property has changed hands

Another reason you should fence your new property is to indicate to all that the property has changed hands. For good measure, you can add a 'sold' sign onto the fence. This will help keep inquisitive buyers who were interested in the property from contacting you and asking about the property.

Also, any neighbors who had developed a habit of using the property for any reason, such as a walking path or as extra parking, will cease to do so. They will get the clear message that the property is under new ownership and is in active use.

Protect your new property.

Lastly, fencing your new property will provide the much needed security for your new investment. A fence will act as a deterrent against vandals and anyone looking to trespass. This is vital as you may begin to bring in construction materials for your build. Steel fences are great if the area is known to be insecure. If you want to add privacy as well, you can install an aluminum, stone or timber fence.

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