3 Essential Qualities that Make Timber Fencing an Apt Choice for Homeowners

In spite of the fact that many fencing materials have been introduced into the market these days, many homeowners still prefer to stick to timber fencing. To make you understand the reasons behind this trend, here are a few essential features attributed to timber fencing.


Timber fencing is exceptionally versatile and can be used to perform a broad array of different functions. It always looks stylish and can be blended into any home design quite easily. Not only does timber fencing represent a timeless design, it can also be installed on virtually all landscaping requirements, including areas with extremely difficult terrains.

Pine paling fences, for instance, can work best for traditional-style houses. For present-day homes, there are several creative ways to add an urban feel to your home with the pine paling fence, without increasing the cost by a large amount. The edges of the timber posts or poles can be planed and sanded to give it an immaculate and professional finishing touch.


Some fencing posts such as steel or vinyl posts come in prefabricated form, which makes it difficult to change its appearance once it is delivered to you. As such, you might need to return such posts to fabrication assemblies before changing the aesthetics of your fencing, costing you more money in the process.

On the contrary, the aesthetic of timber fencing can be changed by DIY staining or painting. You can easily purchase water-resistant stains and paints from hardware stores, and you'll enjoy the privilege of choosing the colour of paint or hue of stain that you want used for the fence. Thereafter, you can proceed to stain or paint the timber posts yourself since it is quite easy to do so.

Easy to Find & Install

Unlike other fencing materials such as steel and vinyl, timber products are relatively cheaper because timber is a readily available natural resource that can be purchased easily from local suppliers or hardware stores.

When it comes to matters of installation, you will find timber products easy to work with as compared to many other fencing materials. As a result, you won't have to worry about looking for professionals to direct you throughout the entire installation process.

If you want to make changes in the height of your fence, you can do so rather easily by cutting timber panels, posts or poles to size. You can even go ahead to add other fencing parts such as railings that can be held easily by using metal straps or screws.

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