What You Need to Know About Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are a common sight in many commercial, residential and industrial settings due to their unique attributes that make them suitable for those varied settings. Read on and discover the advantages and the disadvantages of this type of fence.

The Advantages

It is low-maintenance. Chain link fencing is made from galvanised steel. This means that the steel has undergone a process that makes it resistant to corrosion. Consequently, your fence will not require a lot of maintenance in order to keep it doing its work. All you may need to do is to hose it down to remove any dirt or to remove any climbing plants that have used it as a trellis.

It is safer than other fencing options. A chain link fence has steel wires that have been "woven" into interlocking diamond shapes. This makes the fence very safe for use in places like children's parks since the fence does not have sharp edges that can injure a child who touches or leans against it.

It is easy to install. Most of the fittings can be tightened into place by using a socket wrench. All you need is an additional pair of hands to help you to pull and tighten the mesh.

It can be recycled. Once your fence reaches the end of its useful life, you can deliver it to a metal recycling center. You may even earn some money by selling it to scrap collectors. This is unlike some fencing options (such as vinyl fencing materials) that have to be dumped in a landfill once they age.

The Disadvantages

It offers limited privacy. Chain link fences allow people inside your property to view what is taking place outside the property. It also allows those outside your property to have a clear view of what is happening inside your property. For instance, passersby can easily see you relaxing in your pool. This makes the fence undesirable to people who value privacy.

It offers limited security. A chain link fence can easily be climbed over by an intruder since it is generally limited in height. The only way to beat this height disadvantage is to order the more expensive industrial type of fence that is very high. However, the fence can also be cut to create an entry point for intruders in case it is too high to climb over.

As you decide on the fences and gates for your property, discuss your fencing needs with a fencing contractor so that he or she can give you professional advice on whether a chain link fence is the right choice for you.