The Advantages of Chain-Link Gates

When looking at various fence gate options for your residential or commercial premises, you may come across many recommendations for chain-link gates. They are popular for reasons that are mostly based on their all-round benefits. Here are some of the advantages that chain-link gates offer:

Light, Versatile and Affordable

The combination of these three features contributes to the highest percentage of why chain-link gates are popular.

A light gate means that having it transported to your premises will be cheap and the installers will have an easy time handling it during installation.

A versatile gate means that it can withstand high impact forces without major damage, hence offering security.

Affordable gates mean that you get to save your hard-earned money. Though sometimes a low price can indicate an inferior product, in this case, it is not so. The low price is attributed to the affordability of the materials used, which does not affect the quality of the gate.

Ease of Customisation

Because of their uncomplicated design, chain-link gates are easy to customise and match with most if not all residential and commercial settings. That said, when in the market for chain-link gates, you may not come across ready-made gates; this is because of the different specifications people may have. You are expected to give measurements and design specifications, which are then used to fabricate your gate.

Hire a contractor who specialises in designing chain link gates so that you get accurate measurements and designs that will meet your commercial or residential needs. Sometimes, especially in commercial settings, you might want a fence and commercial gate that matches your business or brand colours. Don't take this lightly because a gate can serve as a first impression for potential customers.


Burglars may shy away from a chain-link fence or gate, simply because they don't want to be seen; the design of the gate leaves it with spaces that you can see through, but small enough to prevent anyone or larger animals from entry.

Even though this design makes the gate seem light and frail, you can have some comfort knowing that burglars may not approach the gate unless it is dark outside. That is why it is encouraged to supplement the gate with other security measures and lighting.

The ease of supplementing a chain-link gate with other security measures like adding an electric current to the gate is another advantage that chain-link gates offer.

For more information, contact a fence gate installation service near you.