4 Ways to Protect Your Swimming Pool With Fencing

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you might be concerned that your children or pets will use it without supervision. Even if you have a strict rule about using the pool, this doesn't necessarily stop them. One of the best ways you can protect the pool is with a pool fence. Here are some tips for using fencing to properly keep the pool from being used when you aren't there.

Choose the Right Materials

To start with, you need a pool fence that is sturdy and durable. If it is too weak, a strong wind might knock it down, which leaves your pool open to be used without your permission. A better option is to go with a permanent or semi-permanent fencing material, such as steel or aluminum. The metal fences often come with gates, so it is easy to make sure the fence locks and keeps others out. Another option is to have a wood fence installed around the pool, but make sure the wood planks are sealed so that water splashes from the pool don't cause rotting. Some pool fencing also use PVC.

Make Sure It Is High Enough

The fence also needs to be at the right height so you don't get any brave kids that try to climb over the top. You might even find that for safety purposes, your local area has strict guidelines about how tall a pool fence must be. The exact height will depend on a number of things, from how old your children are and how high they can climb, to the types of dogs you have. If you are concerned about your dogs getting into the pool, definitely consider that when determining the right height.

Add a Strong Latch and Lock

Of course to keep the fence safe and keep children out of the swimming pool, you need to be able to lock your fence. Have a fence with a gate installed, which makes it easy to get in and out of the pool area. The gate should have very strong hinges and latches that are not easy to break into. Use a nice, strong lock and don't keep the key anywhere that you think your kids could access it. If you have a combination lock, don't use numbers of your house, driver's plate, driver's license, phone number, or others numbers that could be associated with you.

Use Motion Detectors

To go one step further, consider going high-tech with your pool fence by adding a motion detector to it. This does cost a little more, but it can alert you as soon as someone is attempting to tamper with it. That way, you can get outside before there is a risk of drowning in the pool. The motion detector might either go off when someone tries to open the fence without entering a code, or simply show a light when they get close to the fence.