4 Benefits of Tubular Fencing for Families with Children

Tubular fencing is great for a range of applications, but if you have children living in your home, you may notice even more advantages of tubular fencing. Here are just a few of the benefits of tubular fencing for parents or grandparents.

1. Bow-top Design Equals Safety

Unlike wood-picket fences or chain link fences which can hurt children if they attempt to climb them, tubular fences can be made with a safe top design. Typically, the safest design for children is called a bow top.

Imagine the tubes of the fence rising upward vertically and connecting at the top by a half circle. The semi-circle at the top of the fence will not poke anyone, and the circle is especially designed so it is too large or small for children to get their hands or head stuck.

2. Sturdy Construction Can Withstand Kids & Playtime

While tubular fences offer safety to children, they also have elements that keep them safe from the antics of children. If your children hang on the fence, try to push or pull it, or just repeatedly kick a football against it, your tubular fence will hold its ground.

Although it is made from a relatively delicate-looking design, its tubular construction is sturdy, and it can be anchored deeply into the ground to increase its stability.

3. Tubular Fences Can Keep Your Property Secure

If you want your fence to protect your children from intruders, a tubular fence surrounding your property or your home may be just the thing. Metal tubular fences are used all over the world to secure a range of areas from shipyards to industrial facilities to school yards.

If you opt to get a tubular fence for its security potential, however, you may want to stay away from the bow-top safety design. Instead, you may want to make the fence too high for kids to climb and then, outfit it with spikes to deter criminals.

4. Tubular Fences Offer Versatility for Kids' Changing Needs

Once you install a tubular fence, you are not committed to using it in the same spot forever. Instead, you can move these fences to other areas as needed. For example, you may buy a tubular fence to keep your young toddlers in the back garden, but as they get older, you may use the tubular fence around their swimming pool, to create a horse corral or for another use related to your children. Typically, moving segments of a metal tubular fence is easier than moving slatted wood fences. 

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